The photographers ephemeris

Landscape photographers often plan their shots after the golden hours or twilight. The Photographer’s Ephemeris is a piece of software that helps you plan, not only twilight, but also the sun or moons direction at any given time as well as shadows and the length of the shadow and much more. About two months ago I visited a waterfall, the largest in the area called Månafossen, but arrived too late. The sun was partially blocked by a mountain ridge and only lighting half the waterfall. The upper half was bathing in sun, while the lower part was in shadow, making the shooting less than ideal. Based on my new knowledge of the area, I decided to return either an overcast day or a sunny day between 8 and 12 hoping the valley and entire waterfall would be well lit by the sun. I just recently stumbled upon this software and I decided to give Stephen Trainor’s The Photographer’s Ephemeris a go, starting with my planned waterfall shots. Read the rest of this entry »

Location: South & South West Iceland

The location articles are part trip reports and notebooks with my experiences as a traveling photographer. In these articles I share my travel experiences, ideas and challenges with notes on what can be done better and hopefully be of use to other travelers and photographers.

There were 3 of us traveling to Iceland, a friend, my girlfriend and me. A tip from my friend who had been to Iceland earlier, was renting a 4×4 drive to get around easier. We studied the web and asked around for cheap “rent-a-wreck” like cars and in the end we discovered, which has normal 2 wheel drives and 4×4 at half the price of your normal rental company. Their cars are used (10 years) and we ended up with a Suzuki Grand Vitara which served us well during the trip. Read the rest of this entry »