Location: Folgefonna

Folgefonna National Park in Hardanger spans 5 municipalities with a total area of 545.2 km². Folgefonna is the collective term for three glaciers named Nordre, Midtre and Søndre (Northern, Central and Southern) Folgefonn. The southern part is the third largest and one of the most southern glaciers located in mainland Norway. At the highest it’s 1662 meters above sea level and 400 at the lowest. The glacier is in some parts as thick as 500 meters. This would be my first visit to Folgefonna as part of a round trip in the region and prior to this adventure, the only glaciers I’ve seen have all been in Iceland. Before the trip I spent hours studying maps and searching online for information. As I had no plans on actually walking the glacier itself, the search was for locations around the glacier where I could get up close enough to get a decent impression of it and fortunately there were some great spots found, but I’ll get to that a bit later.

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