Quick review of the HorusBennu 747T Tripod

After weeks of research, searching and comparing tripods suitable for hiking trips I finally got the chance to test one of the cheaper options on the market, the HorusBennu 747T aluminum tripod with the LX-1T ball-head. When I first posted a test I’ve only had it for a week and by that time I was impressed. Now after more than two years with it, I can now longer call this a test and I have rewritten the original post to sum up my experience with it.

First I´d like to point out that this tripod has exceeded many of my expectations. I initially borrowed it, but ended up keeping it. It is so “handy” that I still use it whenever the scene calls for it and have not bothered looking into a better alternative yet. For short hikes, which is what I do most often, it is small and light enough to carry either strapped on a camera/backpack or on the carrier of my bike. It comes with a carrying bag that snugly fits and protects the tripod and head while traveling. It is also quick to set up and adjust with the leg lock system flaps and the one knob ballhead. If it gets sandy or dirty, one can easily put it in the shower or wash it in cold freshwate and since it is made of aluminum, it will not rust.

With it´s detachable counterbalance you can get low to the ground and even mount your camera upside down to get flat to the ground. In terms of height, this is a short tripod. I am 180 cm / 70,86 inches and find myself having to bend my back quite a bit, especially if I do not expand the center column. Expanding the center column will make the tripod a whole lot less sturdy and prone to camera shake. In fact, this is the tripods weak points. To combat unwanted vibrations, at the golden hours I often end up setting the tripod up firmly in onto the ground, never raise the center column fully and set the cameras timer to 10 seconds and shoot with a remote. For scenes that don´t require long shutter times, it´s perfectly fine. Since I am not shooting on a daily basis, I have come to terms that I can live with it. The LX-1T ballhead does it´s job very well. It has no problems holding up my equipment, which is at it´s heaviest around 2 kilos. I have never experienced any creeping either.

So to sum thing up; what you get is an extremely versatile tripod that is light weight, easy to carry around and quick to set up. It is also probably the least expensive tripod with similar features on eBay. If it´s a sturdy tripod you´re looking for and one that matches your hight if you are a tall person, look somewhere else and expect to pay a lot more.