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Adam Hickson

Lead Editor

Our editor can bench press yours. This hunky beefcake always has the ladies hanging outside his editing bay’s door in hopes of catching just one glimpse of his massive pythons.

A wizard technician at picking the right shots and aligning them in such a precise fashion, Adam is able to convey a meaningful story in just a few short moments.

Don’t let his gruff exterior fool you. Kind and open to collaboration, this guitar wielding metal head is a teddy bear with skilled editing chops.

Adam truly renders greatness.


Elizabeth Bergeron

VP Operations

Justin Lautermilch

Marketing Director

Brent Reynolds

Lead Producer

Gerry Granby

Technical Director

Adam Hickson

Lead Editor

Kevin Harrington

Non-executive Director

Jason Spehar

Director of Videography

Marta Falcon

Production Assistant

Paul DiNicola

Sales Manager

Jon Crocker

Account Executive

Chris Lang

Account Executive
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