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Chris Lang

Account Executive

Schooled in the mountains of western Carolina, this hard working Catamount has travelled far from his place of origin. He started at the southern most point of the Scandinavian peninsula moving to the southern most state in the union. An avid sports fan on many levels, he enjoys rooting for such storied franchises as the Boston Celtics and Dallas Cowboys along with his beloved Swedish soccer squads. His young at heart attitude and exuberance for life eminates from his mortal form. While Chris is but a baby in our business, this budding account executive brings to the team his youthful enthusiasm along with his never ending motor. This bud is ready to blossom.

He brings with him a broadcasting degree and has a background in sales and video.

While bearing a heathy fear of sharks, Chris enjoys fishing and is always on the lookout to catch the next big fish, client if you will. Born of natural ingredients, his smooth and refreshing attitude and eagerness to excel is always in the forefront. His never quit attitude is a valuable asset to complete any project. His quest for wealth is undeniable.

Known to dabble in the Shine, Chris, often the life of the party is a people person. Enjoy his company, good people.


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Chris Lang

Account Executive
"I know I can count on Pitch Video every time for outstanding video production and great sales messaging. If you sell anything online, go to Pitch Video right away.  There’s nowhere else you should go." - Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank