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Elizabeth Bergeron

VP Operations

Vivacious and salacious (she had to look that one up) this bodacious songstress crisscrosses the stage to the corporate universe, swilling and instilling joy to everyone she comes in contact with.

On stage, she carries the show and produces toe tapping, rump shaking fervor. Off stage she inspires confidence, bringing out the very best in her team. On foreign soil, she builds homes and with them brighter futures for people in need.

Her visions come to life. Her smile infects. Loving and encouraging, Elizabeth extends herself to others.

Join her on a symbiotic journey into greatness.


Elizabeth Bergeron

VP Operations

Justin Lautermilch

Marketing Director

Brent Reynolds

Creative Director

Gerry Granby

Production Manager

Adam Hickson

Post Producer/Editor

Kevin Harrington

Non-executive Director

Jason Spehar

Director of Videography

Marta Falcon

Production Assistant
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