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Jon Crocker

Account Executive

Joining the Pitch Media team is yet another talented musician, this time in the form of an account executive. It has been said that the musician’s mind is more developed than that of the common man. Knowing Jon, I am inclined to agree. Born and bred on the intellectual streets of the area known as the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, this successful entrepreneur built his own Key West based business, that is before hurricane displacement. He has also spent time as an integral part of a NC based Ad Agency as well as having travelled these great states of ours, including Hawaii, producing professional video nationally.

When not hustling at work, Jon can be seen out on the golf course, handling snakes, enjoying all board sports, skate, snow & surf or just spending some quality time with his 5 year old daughter and their dog, Duke.  An avid basketballer and fan of the game, he’s well versed in the craziness that is Cameron Indoor and holds affection for Coach K’s Blue Devils.

After successfully running his own business, Jon is excited to join the PM collective.  Collaboration is now what he seeks as well as an encouraging and enthusiastic environment.

This East Carolina Pirate will put all scalawags in their place.  He exudes excellence and will settle for nothing less.


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Jon Crocker

Account Executive

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"I know I can count on Pitch Video every time for outstanding video production and great sales messaging. If you sell anything online, go to Pitch Video right away.  There’s nowhere else you should go." - Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank