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Kevin Harrington

Non-executive Director

This mogul has come a long way since selling vacuums door to door. To date he has grossed over 5 billion dollars in sales. Powered by his savvy and a case of Redbull, this original Shark from Shark Tank has hunted the voracious waters of onscreen marketing since its inception. In fact, he invented the infomercial. Slicing his way through the competition like a Ginsu knife through a watermelon, then a Coke can, and then a tomato, Kevin’s sharp business sense is attune to everything successful.

In his Italian leather loafers and with the style of classic Hollywood, Kevin skirts the line between that of an iconic hip fashionista and a crafty business guru. Channeling his mentor along the way, the worlds greatest salesman Zig Ziglar, Kevin can sell chop steak to a butcher.

Kevin turns mere ideas into millions. With the help of Cory and the Pitch Video team, he can also do this for you.


Elizabeth Bergeron

VP Operations

Justin Lautermilch

Marketing Director

Brent Reynolds

Creative Director

Gerry Granby

Production Manager

Adam Hickson

Post Producer/Editor

Kevin Harrington

Non-executive Director

Jason Spehar

Director of Videography

Marta Falcon

Production Assistant
"I know I can count on Pitch Video every time for outstanding video production and great sales messaging. If you sell anything online, go to Pitch Video right away.  There’s nowhere else you should go." - Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank