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Paul DiNicola

Sales Manager

Often seen outside enjoying the freshness of the natural outdoor lifestyle this Badger state refugee can be spotted carrying his baby around in a pouch held near to his heart similar to that of a mother kangaroo. “The Wizard”, as labeled by his peers, is a risk taker in the greatest sense. Diving into the deep unknown with no plan B can seem dangerous, but not for this magician with the golden wand. From the ground up, he has seen his self started business climb into six figures and plans to develop even greater riches for you. He has set his ceiling for world domination. With great risks comes great rewards.  

A gym rat, this early riser is up before the sun at 4:30 every morning exercising, strategizing and analyzing. A strong body leads to a strong mind. In high school he was All-State in track and now in the business scene, he is running circles around the competition. With his Basset hound by his side Paul sniffs out the next and best things. His no-holds-barred attitude will lead his team to victory every time.  

A near meeting with the grim reaper in the mountains of Montana has only sharpened his skills and given him a greater purpose to succeed in everything.

Paul conquers the world while other are still nestled in a comfy bed dreaming about what he is ultimately accomplishing.


Elizabeth Bergeron

VP Operations

Justin Lautermilch

Marketing Director

Brent Reynolds

Creative Director

Gerry Granby

Production Manager

Adam Hickson

Post Producer/Editor

Kevin Harrington

Non-executive Director

Jason Spehar

Director of Videography

Marta Falcon

Production Assistant

Paul DiNicola

Sales Manager

Chris Lang

Account Executive
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