How We Price Our Videos

What is the scale of production to meet your goals?

$5k – 8.5k
No complex productions, just compelling pro video that engages and converts.
Scene Outline
1 Shoot Day
2 Person Crew
1-2 Shoot Locations
1-2 talent
Basic Edit
Stock Motion Graphics
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$8.5k – 15k
More complex productions with more hands on deck. A more polished look with your own producer for scaling brands.
Pro Copywriting
Assigned Producer
1-2 Shoot Days
3-4 Person Crew
1-3 Shoot Locations
1-4 Talent
Professional Edit
Custom Motion Graphics
2D animations
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$15k – 30k
Highly customized with deep creative. This is where the viewer goes “Wow!” Lots of resources at your fingertips.  
Pro Copywriting
Storyboard with Visuals
Assigned Senior Producer
Assigned Creative Director
1 – 3 Shoot Days
4-5 Person Crew
3+ Shoot Locations
3-6 Talent with Casting
Professional Edit
Custom Motion Graphics
3D animations
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$30k – 100k+
The only question to ask is “How big do you want your brand to look?” Lots of talent, lots of locations. Your own exclusive creative team. The sky is the limit.
Professional Treatment
Pro Copywriting
Storyboard with Visuals
Assigned Senior Producer
Assigned Creative Director
3 – 5+ Shoot Days
5+ Person Crew
4+ Shoot Locations w/Travel
5+ Talent with Casting
Professional Multi-Cam Edit
Custom Motion Graphics
3D animations
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Corporate Positioning

Primarily designed for a company website homepage, live stage presentation or company profile page in social media. This video is typically a bit longer than most marketing videos, since it is a destination video that is meant to appeal to those who are already interested and seeking a deeper look into your company. It is meant to position your brand, the mission of your company and the products you sell. Many times, this is accomplished through a founder interview interspersed with stylized lifestyle footage.

Trade show or event

This video is short and typically designed to loop every 30-60 seconds. It is meant to grab people in a noisy environment through strong visuals and on-screen make people stop walking and watch while browsing a busy trade-show aisle. It calls out the strongest benefits of a product(s) with powerful feature demonstrations.

Brand Awareness

This is a 15-60 second, top-of-funnel, social media video with a strong emotional message to captivate people's attention and make your brand memorable to them. It is meant to make the viewer aware that they have a need in their life that your brand addresses. It is not meant to drive leads and does not ask for a specific action. It is meant to raise brand awareness, so the next time the viewer sees your brand (through retargeting), they are familiar and ready to engage with it.

Social Media Engagement

This is a 15-90 second, mid-funnel, social media video with a powerful hook in the first 3-5 seconds and an engaging story that triggers the viewer's emotions and makes them want to see how the story turns out. It is not meant to close a sale. It is only meant to generate leads by arousing so much curiosity about a product that the viewer will click away to a landing page to get more information. It usually incorporates a soft call-to-action at the end, such as "Click below to find out more."

Funnel Conversion

This is a 30-90 second, bottom of funnel video meant to satisfy any unanswered questions about product specifics and encourage people toward a buying decision. It goes on the funnel landing page where customers have the option of buying and checking out. It is meant to give viewers that final information and social proof required to make the buying decision. This is commonly accomplished through a strong explainer video or feature/benefit video intercut with customer testimonials.


Commonly considered the most important video in marketing, explainer videos are used on home pages, in advertising funnels, and as prospecting tools for sales teams. Their main purpose is to hook website visitors by bridging the gap between their pain points and your solution. They incorporate the emotional journey of pain-point, unique solution, 3 top benefits, testimonial and product recap. Explainer videos are typically more highly-produced to maximize attention spans and conversions and are sometimes usedin both online marketing and broadcast TV marketing with powerful visuals and provoking emotional statements. They are product specific, focused on a single offer.


Studies show that 88% of people who see a customer testimonial trust it as much as a personal referral from a friend. Testimonials are marketing gold and can be used in explainer videos, as stand-alone engagement videos, within conversion videos, as man-on-the-street montages..there are an unlimited number of ways. Typically 20-60 seconds in length, the most effective product testimonials are shot interview-style as though the camera was lucky enough to overhear the conversation. They are then intercut with lifestyle b-roll to support the statements of the speaker. Highly emotional and authentically engaging, testimonials are the backbone of any great video marketing initiative.


Typically a 5-6 week process from start to finish for most projects under $15k.  

Week 1 - Concepting and Creative

We partner with you to identify your goals and the most compelling reasons a viewer would want your product. We then hold a creative meeting in which our core group of editors, script writers, production planners and producers all weigh in on a creative concept from their area of expertise. Our recommended concept is then sent to you for approval or revision.

Week 2 - Scripting

Once the concept is approved, we move into creating the script.  We collaborate with you via Google Docs to make comments, revisions and crew notations on the script until you are delighted with the vision.

Week 3 - Production Planning

Once the script is approved, it becomes our bible from which we plan the entire production.  All scene outline components are broken down into shot lists, crew and talent schedules, location permissions and permits. You are informed of the shoot date, usually within 7-10 days of script approval.

Week 4 - The shoot day(s)

We capture all necessary footage and still photos according to the breakdown created by your producer, who has been involved in your project since the first creative meeting and intimately understands how to execute the vision.

Week 5 - Post Production (editing)

All footage is then edited within 7 days from the shoot date and an online preview is sent to you for approval or revision request.  We utilize Vimeo’s review function which allows you to pause the video on any frame and leave a comment for your editor. The editor can then click on your comments and go right to the point in the video where you requested a revision.

Step 6 - Delivery

The final invoice is sent (if not buying in bulk) and then final video edits and stills are delivered to you electronically.
“This stuff is terrific.  The lighting is perfect and the pacing really tells our story.”
- Grassworx